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Students can get most of their basic general education goals accomplished through ASU-Newport toward either a specific technical field or occupation, or toward an Associate Degree to transfer to a four-year institution for a Bachelors degree.  

Associate of Arts

In every associate of arts degree there is a 35-hour minimum "core" that is considered to be "basics" or general education.  However, any general education course(s) listed within the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) will be accepted for transfer to the receiving institution.  ACTS provides information regarding guaranteed transfer of courses between Arkansas public institutions. ACTS is beneficial for students, parents, and academic advisors because it provides accurate, up-to-date comparable course information for educational planning and informed decision-making.  

Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements are designed to build strong partnerships and coordination between institutions of higher education to aid in a smooth transition for students. By identifying comparable coursework, degree requirements can be met at one institution and transferred seamlessly to another institution to facilitate the completion of a four year degree.

Program Specific
Associate of Science in Education (AS Education Agreement)
University of Central Arkansas 2+2 Agreement

Associate of Science in Natural Sciences (AS Natural Sciences Agreement)
Associate of Science in Business (AS Business Agreement)
Associate of Science in Criminal Justice (AS Criminal Justice Agreement)
Arkansas State University - Criminology Program

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

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