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ASU-Newport is offering FREE welding classes, books and supplies for unemployed or underemployed applicants.

Call Kim Childress at 870-512-7813 to see if you qualify for FREE Welding Classes!
ASUN students graduating with this Certificate of Proficiency will be prepared for entry level positions in welding manufacturing.  Skill sets of graduates include operation of GMAW, and FCAW welding processes; Oxy fuel and Plasma Arc Cutting processes; blueprint reading and fabrication skills. Basically, you'll learn everything you need to know to be a professional wire welder.  Salary ranges are broad in the field of welding and are based on the range of knowledge and skill as well as the type of industry.

Call Kim Childress to apply for the FREE welding program TODAY!  870-512-7813

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Manufacturing Welding
Certificate of Proficiency

Length of Program: 16 weeks

Total Program Cost: $1,500

Campus Availability: Jonesboro

Course Availability: Fall/Spring



MATH 1013 Mathematical Applications
WELD 1204 Introduction to MIG Welding
WELD 2204 Advanced MIG Welding
WELD 1404 Introduction to TIG Welding

Manufacturing Welding Degree Plan