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Veterans Services
Veterans Services

ASU-Newport takes great pride in supporting our troops, and we are extremely proud to have members of the Guard, Reserve, active duty and retired military as students and staff on all of our campus locations. 

Applications for Veterans benefits may be completed online through the Department of Veterans Affairs website( or in the Veterans Certifying Officials office, located in the Student Services office in the Student Community Center (Registrar's Office) on the campus of ASU-Newport. For automated telephone certification, call 1-877-823-2378. To change your address only, call 1-877-838-2778. 

Applicants under Chapter 30

  1. New applicants complete VA form 22-1990 (an application) at
  2. Transfer students or those changing majors must complete VA form 22-1995. 
  3. Eligibility:  At least two years active duty, 3 years active duty OR two years active duty plus 4 years Reserves.

Applicants under Chapter 33 (Post 9/11)

1.  Eligibility:  Services persons who served on active duty for at least 90 aggregate days after 9/10/01.

2.  New applicants need to complete VA form 22-1990 application at

3.  Transfer students or students changing majors need to complete VA form 22-1995.

Applicants under Chapter 1606/1607 (Reserves)

  1. New applicants complete VA form 22-1990 (an application) at
  2. Transfer students or those changing majors must complete VA form 22-1995. 
  3. Eligibility:  For Chapter 1606:  Completion of initial active duty training.  Must be active reservist with 6-year obligation.  For Chapter 1607:  90 days or more active duty support of contingency operation or full-time National Guard duty responding to national emergency. 
  4. National Guard and Reservists are eligible for Federal Tuition Assistance (other than the GI Bill).  Federal Tuition Assistance is administered by the Department of Defense.  Students can contact their unit Administrator or the Education Office at Camp Robinson (Ft. Roots) in North Little Rock. 

Applicants under Chapter 35 (Dependents)

  1. New applicants complete VA form 22-5490 at
  2. Transfer students  or those changing majors must complete VA form 22-5495. 
  3. Eligibility:   Veteran’s death or permanent and total disability as a result of service-related injury, as determined by the VA.

All applicants for GI-Bill benefits need to submit their Certificate of Eligibility to the VA Certifying Official’s office.  This is a letter from VA that states your percentage of benefits and/or how many months and days you are eligible for the benefits.  All Veteran and Dependent/Spouse students will receive a letter like this.

The Fry Scholarship is now available to surviving spouses of service member who died in the line of duty after September 10, 2001. Inquire with the VA Certifying Official.

Address questions to Suzanne Blackburn, VA Certifying Official at 870-512-7877 or e-mail her at .


For more information, call Suzanne Blackburn, Veteran Certifying Official, at (870) 512-7877 or email

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