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ASUN students graduating with a Technical Certificate or higher will be prepared for entry level positions in welding manufacturing, construction and custom fabrication. Skill sets of graduates include operation of SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW welding processes; Oxy fuel and Plasma Arc Cutting processes; blueprint reading and fabrication skills. Students may also choose to learn automated welding processes such as CNC plasma cutting and robotic welding operation. Salary ranges are broad in the field of welding and are based on the range of knowledge and skill as well as the type of industry. Past students have gained employment through companies such as Hytrol Conveyor Company, American Rail Car, Apex Tool Group, Custom Metals, RGB, Cameron Construction, Jonesboro Tool and Die and Phelps Industrial.

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Welding Quote

"As a student in Ken Beach's welding class, I received the tools necessary to obtain gainful employment as a welder. I would highly recommend ASUN."

Matt Merwitz
Welding Student

The Welding Department at ASUN offers the following two programs of study, each with the option to obtain a Certificate of Proficiency. Explore further for details such as the length of each program and get a step closer to your goals. 

Technical Certificate

Length of Program: 9 Months

Total Program Cost: $4,100

Gainful Employment Information

Campus Availability: Jonesboro

Course Availability: Fall and Spring



MATH 1013 Mathematical Applications
ENG  1203 Workplace Essentials
WELD 2513 Blueprint Reading
WELD 2413 Welding Fabrication
WELD 1203 Gas Metal Arc Welding
WELD 2203 Advanced Wire Welding
WELD 1603 Trade Skills
WELD 2613 Welding Technology
WELD 1303 Introduction to SMAW
WELD 2303 Advanced SMAW
WELD 1403 GTAW Welding 

Welding Technical Certificate Degree Plan

Manufacturing Welding
Certificate of Proficiency

Length of Program: 16 weeks

Total Program Cost: $1,500

Campus Availability: Jonesboro

Course Availability: Spring



MATH 1013 Mathematical Applications
WELD 1204 Introduction to MIG Welding
WELD 2204 Advanced MIG Welding
WELD 1404 Introduction to TIG Welding

Manufacturing Welding Degree Plan