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criminal justice

Criminal Justice


The Criminal Justice program at ASU-Newport provides coursework and credentials to students desiring to advance careers in Law Enforcement, Correctional Systems and Private Security. The program is offered online and in the classroom allowing us to meet the needs of today's diverse student population. Students who complete a Criminal Justice degree have the ability to be employed in law enforcement. The ASUN Criminal Justice degree is fully transferable into the ASU Jonesboro Criminology program. Additionally, many of the upper-level courses (making up the four-year bachelor's degree) are being delivered to the ASUN campus via Compressed Video Network and online classes. This means that (1) students do not lose any hours when transferring to ASU Jonesboro and (2) many of the courses required of ASU Jonesboro can be taken on the ASUN campus in Newport. 

For current law enforcement officers, ASUN has partnered with the Criminal Justice Institute to offer a Crime Scene Investigation Certificate and a Law Enforcement Administration Certificate. To learn more about either of these certificates, please visit the Criminal Justice Institute - a campus of the University of Arkansas System. 

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ASUN has an Articulation Agreement for this degree program. Degree requirements can be met at ASU-Newport and transferred seamlessly to Arkansas State University to facilitate the completion of a four year degree.
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Criminal Justice
Associate of Science

Length of Program: 2 years

Total Program Cost: $10,201

Campus Availability: Jonesboro, Newport, Online

Course Availability: Fall, Spring & Summer



ENG 0051 Writing Seminar
ENG 0053 English Fundamentals
MATH 0053 Math Fundamentals I
MATH 0063 Math Fundamentals II
MATH 0073 Math Fundamentals III


General Education Core (45 credit hours)
ENG 1003 Freshman English I
ENG 1013 Freshman English II
MATH 1023 College Algebra
SOC 2213 Principles of Sociology
SOC 2223 Social Problems
HIST 2763 U.S. History to 1876 OR
HIST 2773 U.S. History since 1876 OR
POSC 2103 Intro to U.S. Government
HIST 1013 World Civilization to 1660 OR
HIST 1023 World Civilization since 1660
MIS 1503 Microcomputer Applications
SPCH 1203 Oral Communication
ART 2503 Fine Arts Visual OR
MUS 2503 Fine Arts Musical
THEA 2503 Fine Arts Theatre
ENG 2003 Intro to Literature of the Western World I OR
ENG 2013 Intro to Literature of the Western World II OR
PHIL 1103 Introduction to Philosophy
PE 1623 Concepts of Fitness
UNIV 1001 Freshman Seminar

Lab Sciences (8 credit hours)

Major Technical Discipline (15 credit hours)
CRIM 1023 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIM 2043 Community Relations
CRIM 2253 Criminal Investigation
CRIM 2263 Criminal Evidence and Procedure
CRIM 2273 Criminal Law

Associate of Science Degree Plan