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The Practical Nursing and Registered Nursing programs at ASUN strive to be among the elite of healthcare professional programs in Northeast Arkansas. Our overall goal for all students is to function and participate as an effective member of the healthcare community and to support clients in the achievement of positive healthcare outcomes. We offer our Practical Nursing program on the Newport, Jonesboro, and Marked Tree campuses. We offer our Registered Nursing program on the Newport campus as a member of the Arkansas Rural Nursing Education Consortium (ARNEC).

Students who have completed a healthcare certificate or degree from ASUN have gained employment at healthcare facilities such as St. Bernards Medical Center, NEA Baptist Medical Center, White River Medical Center, Public Health Department, Amedisys, Unity Health-Harris Hospital and Unity Health-White County Medical Center.

If you are interested in a rewarding healthcare profession, apply now and be a member of your community's healthcare nursing team. All nursing programs require the student to submit an application to both the college and to the nursing program. The student must be accepted into the program before the student will be allowed to take courses.

Practical Nursing Applications are due JUNE 1st!


Fill out the ASU-Newport application here, then apply for the Practical Nursing or Registered Nursing program below!

STEP 2 (select your program):

All Practical Nursing application deadlines and entrance requirements are listed on the Practical Nursing application. All completed Practical Nursing applications and documentation should be submitted to the ASUN Director of Nursing at the campus of application.

Click here for the Practical Nursing Checklist
Click here for the Practical Nursing Application 

The Registered Nursing application is electronically submitted and more information can be found at All supporting documentation for the Registered Nursing application should be submitted the ASUN Director of Nursing at Newport.
Click here for the Registered Nursing Application

Nursing Quote

"I have found the nursing staff to be professional and concerned about each individual student and their individual needs. I believe it is this concern that ensures the student will succeed."

Nursing and Allied Health Student

The Nursing Department at ASUN offers the following programs to help put our students ahead of the rest. 

Practical Nursing
Technical Certificate

Length of Program: 11 months

Total Program Cost: $8,000 (includes cost of books, uniform, testing fee and license)

Gainful Employment Information

Campus Availability: Newport, Jonesboro, Marked Tree

Course Availability: Fall (Newport & Jonesboro), Spring (Jonesboro & Marked Tree)



General Education Prerequisites (minimum 13 credit hours):

ENG 1003 Composition 1
BIOL 2113 Intro to Nutrition
MATH 1213 Math for Nurses
BIOL 1404 Body Structure & Function
BIOL 2403 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 2401 Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
BIOL 2413 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL 2411 Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab


Major Technical Discipline (46 credit hours)

PN 1213 Nursing Process I
PN 1406 Nursing Practicum I
PN 2213 Nursing Process II
PN 2406 Nursing Practicum II
PN 2106 Maternal-Newborn & Fundamentals of Pediatric Nursing
PN 2402 Maternal-Newborn & Fundamentals of Pediatric Nursing

TC - Practical Nursing Degree Plan

Registered Nursing
Associate of Applied Science - Nursing (AASN)

Length of Program: 11 months

Total Program Cost: $6,017 (includes cost of books, uniform, testing fee and license)

Campus Availability: Newport

Course Availability: Spring



General Education Core (33 credit hours) 
BIOL 2013 Introduction to Nutrition
BIOL 2101 Microbiology Lab
BIOL 2103 Microbiology 
ENG 1003 Freshman English I
ENG 1013 Freshman English II
MATH 1213 Math for Nurses 
MIS 1033 Introduction to Computers 
ORMIS 1503 Microcomputer Applications 
PSY 2013 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 2533 Lifespan Development OR 
Human Growth and Development OR 
PSY 2103 Developmental Psychology 
ZOOL 2001 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 
ZOOL 2003 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 
ZOOL 2011 Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
ZOOL 2013 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Nursing Course Curriculum (33 credit hours)
Spring Semester
RNSG 2119 Nursing Process I 
RNSG 2123 Nursing Practicum I

Summer Semester
RNSG 2216 Nursing Process II
RNSG 2413 Nursing Practicum II 

Fall Semester
RNSG 2518 Nursing Process III 
RNSG 2511 NCLEX-RN Preparation 
RNSG 2523 Nursing Practicum III 

Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Degree Plan