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Standard Operating Procedures


The Arkansas State University System Board of Trustees has overall governance and oversight responsibilities for the campuses of the Arkansas State University System.  The Board promulgates policies that apply to all the campuses and entities that comprise the ASU System.  The ASU System also establishes operating procedures that are applicable to the system campuses.

Board of Trustees Policies

ASU System Operating Procedures

ASU-Newport Policies/Procedures are listed by department below.


Institutional operating procedures apply to the College as a whole and pertain to more than one division/department of the College. These procedures complement or enhance the mission of the College, ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules or regulations and/or promote operational effectiveness and efficiencies and reduce institutional risk.

Development, Approval, & Maintenance of ASUN Operating Procedures-1000
Event Management Standards-1001
Chancellor's Complaint Log-1005
Campus Building Closure Procedure-1009

Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration operating procedures concern the financial operations of the institution.  Finance & Administration procedures are related to compliance with regulations, accounting, budgeting, purchasing, and fiduciary responsibility. 

Finance & Administration Complaint Log-3001
Contract and Agreement Procedure-3010
Travel Procedure-3100
Official Functions-3101

Human Resources

Human Resources operating procedures pertain to employment practices, employee rules, conduct, and working conditions. These procedures supplement and/or clarify existing policies from the State of Arkansas Office of Personnel Management where applicable.  

Faculty & Staff Hiring Procedures-5001
Pre-Hiring Credit Check-5002
Leave without Pay-5003
Catastrophic Leave-5004
Faculty & Staff Emeritus-5005
ACC Outstanding Faculty, Staff and Alumni-5006

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services operating procedures are related to the College's electronic environment.  Subjects include, but are not limited to, the privacy, security, and appropriate use of information technology resources and information.

Appropriate Use of Information Technology-6001
IT Life Cycle Management of Resources-6002
Web Updates & Schedule-6003
Deployment of Wireless Network-6004

Facilities & Grounds

Facilities operating procedures relate to the day to day operations of the College, including the maintenance of buildings, capital projects, grounds, and general College property.

No Procedures at this time

Risk Management & Safety

Risk Management and Safety operating procedures address risk mitigation, business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency response and campus safety. 

Chemical Disposal Procedure-8001
BIT Operating Procedure
Emergency Response Procedure
Incident Reporting Procedure-8002
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Procedure-8005

Workforce Development

Workforce Development operating procedures address relationships and training related to corporate or industry needs with the purpose of facilitating or providing development and training to stimulate and promote economic development. 

Billing Invoicing Non-Credit-9001
Workforce ADHE Reporting-9002
Service Agreements-9003


Advancement operating procedures apply to gifts to the institution either, monetary or otherwise.  These procedures complement or enhance the mission of the College, ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules or regulations and/or promote operational effectiveness and efficiencies.

Gifts In Kind-10001
Donor Communication-10002

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications operating procedures relate to the external or internal communications from ASUN to it's constituents.

Media and Public Notification-11001
Social Media-11002