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ASUN Faculty and Staff Directory
Name/Title Department Contact Location/Office
Martha Taussig
Taussig, Martha
Director of Adult Education
Adult Education
Phone: 870-512-7824
Newport, WH 151
Kristina Taylor
Taylor, Kristina
Assistant Professor of Information Technology
Business Education
Phone: 870-680-8719
Jonesboro, Gen Ed Annex 603
Melissa Taylor
Taylor, Melissa
Fiscal Support Specialist
Business Office
Phone: 870-512-7875
Newport, SC 106B
Kathy Teague
Teague, Kathy
Maintenance Specialist
Physical Plant
Phone: 870-358-8638
Marked Tree, Physical Plant
Haley Bethel
Thomas, Haley
Advanced Instructor of Nursing
Nursing and Allied Health
Phone: 870-512-7712
Newport, WRH 105
Deana Tims
Tims, Deana
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Phone: 870-512-7811
Newport, SC 105
Jerry Tracy
Tracy, Jerry
Instructor of Diesel Technology
Diesel Technology
Phone: 870-512-7803
Newport, DT 202
Johnathan Tubbs
Tubbs, Johnathan
Chief of Police
Campus Police
Phone: 870-217-1348
Newport, SCC 109
Tune, Cassey
Director of Process Innovation
Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-512-7801
Newport, SC 107
Stephanie Turner
Turner, Stephanie
Assistant to the Dean/ Assistant Professor of History
History & Social Sciences
Phone: 870-512-7860
Newport, WH 163
Teriann Turner
Turner, Teriann
Advancement Officer
Institutional Advancement
Phone: 870-512-7754
Newport, WRH 121
John Twyford
Twyford, John
Assistant Professor of Business
Business Education
Phone: 870-512-7837
Newport, WH 103
Vicki Tyler
Tyler, Vicki
Administrative Specialist III
Adult Education
Phone: --